Almost 3 weeks i did not go to my homeland, Bandung; and also my beautiful home in cool land, Cimohay.


I miss my parents, my siblings(mine and my Hubby`s), and also the both of my sweets niece and cute nephew. I miss my best motorbike which always “accompanies” me in many businesses, my Blue Cute.

Friday afternoon, i went to Bdg together with my officemates and my Belovy Hubby.
We arrived in Bandung at 10 PM. After haved dinner, me and my Hubby took a rest in the cool air of Bandung….zzz…zzz…zzz….have a nice dream everybody…


Saturday morning, as my new rutinity after i have married is picking my father up to his office, and then take my Blue Cute.

Sometimes, my father pick me up to my Hubby parents home(in Bakti27) before he goes to office, but i never dare to let him go alone without my keeping.
I always wanna do my best for him as same as he always does for me.
At one time, when my father went to Bakti27 for delivering my Blue Cute, my Hubby intended to replace me on “my duty” …but i tried to reject him by said:”Please, Hubby…he is my father!!”,”but he is mine,too…”he replied me. “Hubby,please…!!

not worthy

” i tried to get my Hubby permission. Finally,he hug and kiss me:”OK, Hunny…take care, be careful!!”

big hug kiss

,i cheered:”Thanks,Hubby…i`ll go home a.s.ap, after my father get in his office,promise!!”

peace sign

And, then my Hubby always gives me the time for my family as long as i spent my day in Bandung, but course in the evening/night it`s time for his family, talking and gathering with his parents, or having cheat chat with his sisters(especially F5).

In last holiday, i went to my favourites places, for shoping or survey new Moslem Fashion Style in Rabbani Muslimah, having junk food(“Lumpiah Basah” Jl Ganesa) and walking around the towb with my Blue,even though in the mid day, i am fearless to be burnt under the sun, Bandung is cool, maan….

big grin silly

But in my last holiday, my Hubby accompanied me went to Cibiru, met with my family, bcoz i was very miss them, especially my two nieces, and the most favourite junk food, BAKSO SATRIA.
I do love this food, do u know why?Bcoz it is the best meatball that i ever eat, i am really sure if they make the best quality meatball, without BORAX and “NOT HALAL” meat. Indeed, the waiters and waitresses are very polite and look nice(ikhwan and akhwat look).

Saturday evening, Bandung was rainy all day. It’s time for home.

This night, after dinner, F5 asked me something to give her some advices on her dress…hmm…you know what something happens if two woman meet and talk??”Ngerumpi”!!! It happened until the lately night,i mean morning… 01.00 PM, hihihi…

silly the worst thing happed, my Hubby slept in the 2nd floor, for awaiting his wife and sister finished their chat…hihihi…so sorry, Hubby…not worthy

Sunday, me and my Hubby went to Cimahi, met with my parents. And then he went to rail station for going to Jakarta at first, because there was an appointment to be charged in his work. I got the longer holiday with my parents. Thanks you,Hubby….

happy love struck

Good bye Bandung, miss you always, Cimohay…wait me for next holiday…


my Sweet Home and my Blue Cute


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