[ConversClub] Ms.Ika’s Class

Saturday Agaain…I always love it!!

Actually, this is my tired week, because I have many appoinments with my colleagues and relatives, and in the recent time my beloved Mikaila always goes sleep in the late night. But, I always happy whenever accompany my little angel, she always makes me feel stronger, healthier and powerful. She’s amazing creature that I ever had. Thanks my God!!

After, Mikaila was taken a bath, I prepare everthing she needs, such as: milk in the bottle, breakfast(this morning I gave her “baby noodles”, I named it “bakmie ayam bayi”, it’s her favourite meal, and it my own creation recipe 🙂 ). I prepared a breakfast for my beloved husband, too, “fried noodles with egg” (like father,like daughter; noodless lover…hee hee).

OK, my home job was finish, let’s go to the club…!! I miss everyone in the club, cos’ last week I did not join the class, there was parenting event in the Kuningan.

09.30 am, I step out from the home, took an ojek and then went by Metromini to the Pejaten Village mall. I arrived 10 minutes before a class. I met with my classmates, Andi and Jojor. They asked me to chat in the English. It’s very nice, and wonderful, I am very appreciate. This is the way to improve our English, and that’s why we join the club for. Before the class time, Andi said that Mr.Collins did not join with us, and someone will replace him, the local teacher, her name is Ms.Ika. Ouw…she’s my interviewer before I was accepted in the Collins’ class.

10.00 am, the class begin. Ms.Ika entered the class, she’s very fashionable with a shirt, skirt, and sport shoes, very attractive and energic. Her English very fluent. Nice to hear. Her teaching way made our class to be a cheerful and courageous.

She started the class with the personal introduction, the first person was herself, personal info, and her hobby. And then, the student, started from me, Andi, Jojor, and the others (I am sorry, I don’t remember all exactly). After introduction session, the next session was a game, many game we played.

The first game was “question and answer“, we divided to a group, (each group consists 2 persons), by the pick the number on the sheet we were received. There are 20 questions on the sheet, and the first person have to choose the number of question, and the second person was given the question based on the question of his/her own question list. It was very interesting game, because we knew many thing about our partner, such as their precious moment of childhood, their favourite movie that they have ever seen, and many things. After finish all questions, we switched the partner, and the same activity was done with the new partner, so on.

The second game was “make a circle people by hold the ropes“. There were 11 students in the class, and the game need 10 persons to hold 10 ropes, and 1 persons to helps the team; and I choose to be the one out of the circle. This game only took 10 minutes, we solved the game, of course.

The third game was “Talking about Taboo“. In this game, we must talk about taboo in our society. We had to rate 1 to 15 taboo, from the most to the last. And many questions all about taboo. The three teams of us have the different opinion about the most taboo, the #1 team choose the Public Kiss, the #2 choose Cohabitation, and the #3 choose the incest. It only our own opinion.

The last game was “quiz“! We must be answered many questions based on the category: Sport (S), Geography (T), Science (K), Music(M), General Knowledge(Y), and Free Questions(I). The winner of the games was Team #1, hee hee…my team was the last. ngek ngok…:D

It’s OK, it’s just a game, for fun and happy.

Thank you, Ms.Ika…see you in another time…:-D


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